Kids Fashion Trends In Hats This Winter

Kids Fashion Trends

The latest kids fashion trends in hats this winter have not differed much aesthetically from the previous styles. Still included in the current line-up are the usual favorites – hoodies, balaclavas, and beanie hats.

Winter is the time of year where hats become an essential clothing accessory, especially for kids. Children tend to lose heat from the skin faster and are at greater risk for frostbite.

Winter hats help keep the head and neck warm while protecting the ear and face from frostbite during extremely cold temperatures.

Functional accessories such as hats, do not need to compromise style and fashion, even for kids fashion. Below are today’s kids fashion trends in hats this winter:


Kids Fashion Trends

The balaclava, also known as a ‘helmet’ hat, is a full head cover that extends up to the neck and exposes only a part of the face.

Kids wear this hat in extremely cold weather to keep them warm and protect their ears.

Kids need extra protection on the head through a layering of clothing and can wear this hat under a helmet and hood to create an added layer of warmth.

The latest trends in balaclava for kids include full upper facial coverage, double layered, and windproof options.

Unfortunately, designers have not been very adventurous in the kids department this year. Still popular are the solid colors, Spiderman prints, and bear designs.


Kids Fashion Trends

Fashion trends in kids’ hoods are more fun. Popular are hood scarves with ear flaps and various animal designs such as bears, unicorn, and rabbits.

Hooded scarves are a built-in headgear and scarf. Like the balaclava, it covers and warms both the head and neck.

However, the hooded scarf is wrapped around the head and shoulders, while the balaclava is worn comfortably on the entire head.

Military and French Beret

Kids Fashion Trends

This old-school hat remains in the kids fashion trends this season.

Fashion forward parents dressing up their little ones know that the beret spells style and sophistication, and can be worn both in autumn and winter.

The dome-shaped beret is usually made from wool and can be worn in casual or formal affairs.

This charming and stylish hat is great for sporting the French look.

Beanie Hats

Kids Fashion Trends

Knitted beanie hats remain to be the most popular and most bought item for kids style during winter.

The stretch material is soft and comfortable, easy to wear, provides full warmth, and has a flexible design.

Popular designs are pompom tops and bear ears. Solid colors are still the most dominant in the market when it comes to knit hats because it is easier to make, compared to the multi-colored patterns.

Faux fur hats

Kids Fashion Trends

The winter season usually means faux fur accessories coming out of the closets from bags to hats.

The latest trends in kids fur hats include earflap hats and the ones with rainbow unicorn colors.

The great thing about faux fur hats is that they are more versatile when it comes to color patterns.

While most knit caps will have solid colors, faux fur can have various colors and patterns such as speckles, rainbow burst, and even animal prints.

Baby Bonnets

Kids Fashion Trends

The latest trends in kids fashion are the surprising comeback of the baby bonnet.

This hat comes with a drawstring on the sides that is tied under the chin to keep it in place.

The kids fashion trends in baby bonnet hats include knitted, laced, cotton, and even silk.

Bonnet designs and materials usually tell whether they can be used during winter or warm weather.

Knitted bonnets that usually cover the entire head up to the back of the neck can be used during the winter season.


Kids Fashion Trends

These headwraps have been making the rounds in the winter fashion stage lately and checking the kids fashion section, the trend seems to be in check.

Winter turban for kids comes in more versatile colors, fabric, and prints. There is, however, some religious association to these types of headgear.

Best not to have the kids wear it in places with a sensitive social environment.

Winter time may seem like a boring time to dress up the kids in style. Because of the cold weather, functionality will usually come first.

This means that all the layers of clothing that need to be worn in order to stay warm can make styling a lot challenging; however, hats can be a great functional winter accessory to keep in the trend without breaking the bank.

Fashion trends in winter hats usually do not have any major changes throughout the years. Fabric, colors, patterns, and materials are the only thing that changes, but not the aesthetic and functional designs of the hat. This is because function and practicality are what keep these winter hats significant.

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