Crochet Newborn Hat Size Guide

Crochet Newborn Hat Size

Crocheting beanies for newborns are becoming popular; however, there are guidelines for determining the hat sizes.

These beanies are very important during the cold season to prevent heat loss through the head and to protect your baby from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet ray.

Before crocheting a newborn hat, it is important to know newborn hat sizes. Below is a chart to guide your work!

Baby Hat Size Chart

Crochet Newborn Hat Size

Now that you have a newborn hat size chart for guidance, the next step is to know how to get these measurements right and also learn all the materials you’ll be needing to get started.

Crocheting a Baby Hat

As I mentioned in the introduction to this article, crocheting newborn hats have some specific requirements. Below I have discussed some of them.

Determining the Head Circumference and the Flat Circle’s Diameter

Crochet Newborn Hat Size

Use a tape measure or a piece of yarn (to be measured with a ruler), wrap it around the head of the child, right at the middle of the forehead.

This gives you the circumference of the head. After that, use the formula below to calculate the head diameter.

Diameter (Flat Circle) = Head Circumference/3.14

This is a very important factor in determining the crochet hat size of a newborn, as without this you are likely to make a hat that wouldn’t fit.

If you are making a beanie to give as a gift, you may ask the baby’s mother to help with the measurement using the guideline specified above.

Hat Height

Calculating the hat height for a baby is the same as for an adult. The hat height is the height from the top crown to the bottom of the ear.

To get the hat height, you place the end of the tape measure on the top-center of the head, then run it down the side to the base of the ear.

Once you have this measurement, the hat height is determined by the formula below:

Hat Height = (Head Circumference/10) x 4 (head circumference divide by 10, multiplied by 4)


After figuring out the numbers, we are now ready to crochet baby hats!

There are countless beautiful patterns, yarns, and hooks that could be used to come up with the desired crochet pattern.


Crochet Newborn Hat SizeYarns come in different textures. The texture of the yarn should be considered when crocheting newborn hats.

However, it is recommended for beginners to use yarns that make the crocheting activity easier and more enjoyable.

I will recommend the following materials:

Wool – Great for practicing stitches in your crochet hat,

Cotton – Because of its texture, this is perfect for warm weather projects.

Acrylic – This is affordable and widely available.


Crochet Newborn Hat Size

When choosing a hook, consider the following:

Size: Since crochet hooks come in different sizes (They may be expressed using letters, numbers or millimeters), match the crochet hook size to the yarn weight. The yarn weight is often located on the yarn label.

Material: Some of the common choices for the hook materials are aluminum, plastic, and bamboo. You could also use a fancier crochet hook made of clay, glass, wood or other materials.

How to Crochet a Newborn Hat

On the top page of this article, we drew out a crochet newborn hat size chart to guide you when crocheting your newborn hat. So now, we will be discussing how to crochet a newborn hat.

Crochet Newborn Hat Size

The most basic ways to crochet a hat are the top-down, bottom-up and flat.

The top-down and bottom-up crocheting styles are worked in the round while the flat style is worked side to side in rows.

Crocheting a hat from top to down doesn’t necessarily mean that the hat won’t continue to widen from a few rows; It’s just going to take several rows after stopping the increases before it begins to really straighten out on the sides. Stop increasing when the hat reaches a width of about 6.5 inches.

Check the width after each row and when the desired crown size is reached, continue crocheting the same number of stitches in each row until you reach the desired length.

Above all, crocheting a hat is not an easy process. It does need a little preparation and it also requires a lot of practice.

Surely, it will take a process but a guide such as the crochet newborn hat size chart could make it a lot easier for you!

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