Cowboy Hat Shaping Styles You Can’t Go Wrong With

Cowboy Hat Shaping Styles

Cowboy hats are among the most iconic headgears. It is seen in many movies, from old Western-style themes to mobster movies and even in cartoons (think of Yosemite Sam in Looney Toons and Woody in Toy Story). In this article, we will be discussing different cowboy hat shaping styles you can’t go wrong with.

15 Cowboy Hat Shaping Styles

Let’s dive right into these amazing 15 cowboy hat shaping styles.

The Cattleman

Cowboy Hat Shaping Styles

This is the most traditional cowboy hat type. It’s the most recognizable and widely sold hat style.

The brim is slightly curled on the opposite side while the top crown has a trio of creases.

The Cattleman style is available in 3 variations. These are the normal crease, high crease, and low crease. Men usually go for either the normal or the high crease. Women usually choose either the normal or the low crease.

The Brick

This is a modification of the classic cattleman crown. The crown is squarer with a single rectangular crease. This crease is very easy to spot and gives it a distinctive look.

The crown is taller than the classic cowboy hat with its side straight and its brim curled upwards. The curves are more prominent in front, creating a triangular appearance.

Team Roper Cowboy Hat Shaping Styles

The Team Roper cowboy hat shaping style is like the cattleman style. However, it stands out with its wider center dent.

This hat is more rectangular in shape with its brim square-ish in front with one half slightly curled to emphasize its squarish front.


The  Salem cowboy hat shaping style is also similar to a cattleman’s hat. The ‘Salem’ hat stands out with its slightly curled upward brim with a narrower crown. The center dent is sharper and narrower while the front is more pointed.

The Pinched Front

Cowboy Hat Shaping Styles

The Pinched Front cowboy hat shape has a sharp V-shaped with dual pinch crown, creating a teardrop crease.

The pinch is a handy spot to hold when taking the hat off to pay respects or when walking inside.

Outside, the pinch cuts wind resistance which keeps the hat from blowing off with sudden gusts of wind.

This is most popular among women, though it still looks good on men. The face looks thinner with it and the shape emphasizes your narrow jawline. To shop the pinched front cowboy hat for men and women click here

The Outback

This is an iconic cowboy hat style originating from Australia. It looks like the pinch front but the crown is taller and the brim wider. The brim curves downwards from the front all the way to the back.

Most cowboy hat shaping styles create an elegant, assertive air. This Australian original gives the wearer a more casual look.

The Tom Mix or Ten-Gallon Hat

Cowboy Hat Shaping Styles

This is also one of the most recognizable cowboy hat shaping styles. Many people believe it can hold up to 10-gallons of water, hence the name Ten-Gallon hat. It was named Tom Mix, in reference to an actor who used this style at all times.

The crown is very tall and deeply creased. The crease runs down across the crown’s center and slopes downwards towards the front. The brim is very large, around 5 to 6 inches deep.

The Bull Rider

The ‘Bull Rider’ also known as the RCA (Rodeo Cowboy Association) Crease was introduced in the 1970s. It is a modification of the Canadian crease.

The crown is shorter than the high square crown of the Canadian crease. This shorter crown allows for the creation of a wider crease. Popular people who wore this hat style include Larry Mahan and Jim Shoulders.

The Boss

Cowboy Hat Shaping Styles

‘The Boss’ is also known as the “Boss of the Plains”. The crown is wide and tall, with a stiff, flat brim for protection against the rain.

It has straight sides with rounded corners and is traditionally open but a lot of people nowadays place a crease or bash. To shop the boss cowboy hat click here.

The Gus

This hat has a high crown sloping towards the front with three dimples giving a definition to it. These creases allow the wearer to grab the hat from the top when taking it off, holding it or putting it back on.

The Gus has a smaller brim and a not-so-tall crown. The design slopes down to the front and has a smaller brim that curves upwards on both sides.

C crown

Cowboy Hat Shaping Styles

The C crown hat has a teardrop shape in its crown. The pinch often slopes forwards from the center to create a  narrow, rounded front point, while having a shallow almost oval-shaped dents.

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This is also a popular crease for cowboy hat shaping styles. It has a pinch-front style similar to a C crown style with its sides slightly bent upwards.

The crown is larger and roomier. The top is tall and round but does not have any creases on the crown or on top of the hat.

Center Dent

Cowboy Hat Shaping Styles

This cowboy hat has a pressed down crown which slightly slopes forward creating the ‘Center Dent’.

The sides in effect, push upwards. This gives the dent a more pronounced look. Sometimes, the center dent style also features a semi-pyramidal dent shape at the sides.

The GamblerCowboy Hat Shaping Styles

Also known as the Telescope style, the Gambler style became popular as it was worn by gamblers in the old Western movies.

The crown is flat and the brim is fat and large. Its crease pattern is from the Mexican cowboys, called churros.

The crease is also functional, not just for design. It allows the brim to be able to cover most of the wearer’s face.
This style helps to keep hot air from hitting the face, however, allows for air circulation to keep the head cool.

The Gambler is more of a man’s style and is common among Southern gentlemen when the South was still widely a plantation area.


This style has a similar crown to the center dent hat style. The difference is that there are no side vents. The brim is also often rolled halfway or ¾ upwards.

In conclusion, cowboy hats can look unflattering if worn by someone looking uneasy. However, the cowboy hat shaping styles are always completed by the wearer and can be worn anywhere.

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