Classy Winter Outfits with Hats to Match

Classy Winter Outfits

Here comes the most wonderful time of the year where you feel the need to stay warm during the cold breeze of air yet glam up to feel the seasonal vibe that surrounds you.

In cold regions of the planet, hats are not only fashion accessories but also, essential belongings that one must bear in mind.

In this article, we will be showing you how to match your winter hats with your classy winter outfits.

6 Winter Hats to Match your Classy Winter Outfits

Fur Hats

Classy Winter Outfits

This hat is described as “classy” and It goes well with a pair of black ankle boots or a coat that matches the shoes.

Surely, it will give that stylish look which makes you look fashionable and sophisticated at the same time as the soft fabric tops your winter outfit.

It doesn’t only make you look like a part of a royal family, but will also rock your winter closet.

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Newsboy CapsClassy Winter Outfits

No, this hat can’t only be worn by men but also women. Despite its name, this hat makes every stylish winter outfit effortlessly “put together”.

You can pair it with a dark pair of jeans or a large oversized sweater and some heels to balance the girly-tomboy look.

You’re good to go for both comfort and style.

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Knit Hats

Classy Winter Outfits

Knit Hat is the traditional winter hat of all time.

It is also very trendy and classy due to different patterns that come along with it.

To style your classy winter outfits, try wearing colors such as grey to stand out.

This surely looks good and convenient for both men and women, even babies. It holds the hair in place even while you are having fun, building that giant snowman outside.

BeretsClassy Winter Outfits

This is the best hat to complement the blazers and plaid items in your wardrobe.

It comes in different colors and is not only versatile but trendy. Surely, you will look like a classy Frenchman screaming “Bonjour!” because of your stylish winter outfit.

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Classy Winter Outfits

Well, why not fedoras? Many celebrities are already rocking this look.

Though it might be a hard hat to style without enough confidence, you can literally rock this look with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots along with a long chained necklace.

It is versatile and edgy, giving you something to add in your winter outfit checklist this season.

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Pom-Pom BeaniesClassy Winter Outfits

Here comes my personal favorite. The pom-pom beanie does not just provide warmth but also gives comfort to its wearer.

You can pair it with skinny jeans or leggings with a long blazer or coat. It is best worn with a minimalistic scarf that covers the neck area.

Another winter outfit idea is to wear a dark-colored pom-pom beanie with a trench coat and some Uggs or ankle boots with heels.

There you have it, 6 hats to match your classy winter outfits. I hope you find these ideas helpful. Enjoy the winter season!

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