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Kids Fashion Trends In Hats This Winter

Kids Fashion Trends

The latest kids fashion trends in hats this winter have not differed much aesthetically from the previous styles. Still included in the current line-up are the usual favorites – hoodies, balaclavas, and beanie hats. Winter is the time of year where hats become an essential clothing accessory, especially for kids. Children tend to lose heat […]

Crochet Newborn Hat Size Guide

Crochet Newborn Hat Size

Crocheting beanies for newborns are becoming popular; however, there are guidelines for determining the hat sizes. These beanies are very important during the cold season to prevent heat loss through the head and to protect your baby from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet ray. Before crocheting a newborn hat, it is important to know newborn hat sizes. […]

Chunky Crochet Beanie You Should Own

There’s a reason why the beanie is a headwear classic. It’s not just a fashionable accessory – it’s also functional and stylish. You can even go as far as saying that it’s the ultimate winter staple because it works with so many kinds of clothing and does a great job keeping you warm. A chunky […]

Crochet Beanie | 10 Easy Slouchy Crochet Patterns

Crochet Beanie

Whether it’s to keep you warm or a quick fix to a bad hair day, the slouchy crochet beanie hat is the perfect solution. Crocheting a slouchy beanie hat on your own isn’t that difficult. However, there are so many slouchy crochet beanie patterns to choose from. In this article, we will be reviewing 10 easy slouchy crochet patterns. History […]

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